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The company offers a variety of services in this area and the management of the company to provide these services in a modern and a team of individual employees of the company to follow up on your requests and ensure they reach you in the best way as customer convenience is the first and most important goals include, for example, but not limited to

  Some companies that deal with the company shadows of environmental services in the process of transfer and disposal of hazardous waste


Some of Our References in Egypt:
1.             Al-Obour For Paints (BACHIN).
2.            A.F Automotive(Aboul Fotouh).
3.            Al Mansoori Specialized Engineering.
4.            AL Bardi paper Mill.
5.            Al-Ahram Beverages Co(AL Obour- October-Al Sharkia).
6.            Arab Company For Ceramics (ARACEMCO).
7.            Arab Company for sponge mattress industry(high sleep).
8.           Arab Company for Food Industries(DOMTY).
9.            Ain Shams Hospital.
10.       Al Galaa Hospital.
11.         Bavarian Company For The Automotive Industry (BMW).
12.        CAIRO FOAM Co.
13.        COMEX- EGYPT.
14.        Cleopatra Hospital.
15.        Central laboratory Of Reside(QCAP-EGYPT).
16.        Delta plast Co.
17.        Egyptian LNG.
18.       Egyptian German Automotive. (Mercedes).
19.        Engineering Company For Manufacturing Alchukmanat (Yazid).
20.      Esperanto Jeans.
21.        General Motors Egypt (GM).
22.       Haidylana For Advenced Medical Industries.
23.       Halliburton Egypt.
24.       Headline Print Co.
25.       Helwan Cement Co.
26.       Juhayna group(five company)
27.       Modern Egyptian Match company.
28.      Middle East Printing & Packaging.
29.       Misr Fertilizers production company(MOPCO).
30.      Nasr Petroleum.
31.        National Center for Research and Scientific Studies.
32.       National Gas.
33.       Oscar Egypt.
34.       POWER HOUSE For Energy Services.
35.       Royal for ceramics and porciline.
36.       Rotgravea Company For Industrial Investment.
37.       SCIB Paints (Factory 1 - Factory 2).
38.      Suez Cement.
39.       Symrise Egypt.
40.      Sell group.
41.        Servier Egypt industries Ltd.
42.       The Islamic Charitable Society Agouza.
43.       Turaa Cement.
44.       Titan cement.
45.       Universal Co.
46.       Weatherford Egypt.