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Alzelal Environmental Services was established in  2008, as a specialized andqualified under the approval of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency issued by the Ministry of Environment in the field of transportation and safe disposal methods safe from hazardous waste, which affect the lives of our society and hinder our progress and in the preparation of environmental assessment studies and environmental consulting in addition to its specialization in the field of environmental training for a number of environmental programs various environmental media, where the company has specialized in the completion of environmental assessment studies and environmental consulting according to scientific bases through their consultative status, which includes a team of experts in the fields of environment different and even add to its range of collaborators consisting of university professors and experts inside and outside the Republic, with the aim of providing the best experience to the work of the environmental assessment, and provide a number of environmental courses and specialized technical assistance to develop solutions to environmental and health appropriate to the pressing environmental problems of various development projects.
The company has to raise public awareness of the damage Environmental Waste and guidance for how to preserve the environment through seminars and various courses under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and cares about the environment and dealing with waste and environmental harm and how to prevent them, and so in order to find appropriate solutions to serve the nation and future generations and contribute to building generations conscious and create a healthy environment and healthy society and protect it from industrial pollution
With a professional and administrative staff as well as the professional technique technological niche, the company has developed towards its goals to provide advice and solutions for all companies and related departments in the Republic